Experience the ability to leverage emotions by applying EIDI practice in your team and organization.



What is EID?

Developing the capacity to understand and manage feelings and deal effectively with others, no matter how great the differences, is a critical competence in today’s diverse workplace. The ability to do so depends in great part on emotional intelligence.

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Why EID?

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Emotions drive behavior. They are at the heart of the energy that drives motivation and commitment. They can bring magic or misery to individuals, work groups and organizations. Emotional Intelligence & Diversity (EID) helps create the magic.

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Workshops & Training

EID programs involve a process that leads to real change, presented through a variety of learning methods. The EID system uses workshop sessions, one-on-one coaching, individualized assessment, personal workbooks and self-paced learning that focuses on both insight and action.

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