An EIDI Success Story


When I reflect on the most pivotal point in my life,

I immediately think of my experiences at the Emotional Intelligence & Diversity Institute! And yes, I mean experiences – plural.

“I had the blessed opportunity to attend the EIDI Certification Program as a Senior Manager of Global Diversity & Inclusion for a Fortune 500 global company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time, my professional career was extremely progressive and on the trajectory of enormous success. However, I was experiencing a considerable number of challenges in my personal life, including the loss of my beloved father and eldest sister, becoming the caregiver for my aging mother, and weathering the storms of a tumultuous marriage, custody battle and on the verge of financial ruin.

It was painlessly clear to me, on the first day with Dr. Lee Gardendswartz, Dr. Anita Rowe, Dr. Jorge Cherbosgue and the EIDI family that attending EIDI would change my world forever. EIDI is unquestionably the best decision I’ve ever made.

Now, ten years later, as the President and CEO of Make It Plain Consulting, I have maximized my experiences, skills and competencies acquired from EIDI to help tens of thousands of individuals and businesses “uncover their inherent strengths for sustained growth”. I have returned to EIDI to complete certification in EID Team Effectiveness, as well has invested my love, time and resources in providing my beautiful wife, Penny, the opportunity to attend EIDI. It is my hope to provide the same life-changing EIDI experience to my son, Bryce, and other families and friends – for whom I deeply cherish.

Emotional Intelligence & Diversity is a philosophy, practice and product of Make It Plain Consulting. It is our core culture. Our staff have attended the EID certification program and we plan to make EIDI the cornerstone of our journey toward personal and professional significance.

For those seeking to explore their own lives, unapologetically share their own truth and freedom, and enhance the lives of others – The Emotional Intelligence & Diversity Institute is a MUST DO. I proudly endorse and highly recommend the Emotional Intelligence & Diversity Institute.”

— Tommie L. Lewis, Jr., President and CEO, Make It Plain Consulting